Who WE are?

Women’s Empowerment Retreat (aka WE Retreat) is a network designed to EMPOWER WOMEN to live their best life now! WE create meaningful events and forums that motivate women to strategically achieve their GOALS by Pursuing their Passion, Tapping into their Potential, Realizing their Dreams…and Enjoying Life in the Process! 

WE provide opportunities for women to connect and be empowered through:

  • Personal & Professional Development Workshops/Seminars/Forums
  • Strategic Planning / Accountability Coaching 
  • Social Events

WE offer 1-on-1 Coaching to assist you in developing a strategic plan to launch your Big Vision and to achieve your personal and professional GOALS.

Are you ready to achieve your GOALS while building solid relationships with other women? If so...WE invite you to join the WE Retreat Community!

                                                             WE Retreat - The #1 EMPOWERMENT NETWORK!

WE look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events! 


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